Monday, December 15, 2008

Does anyone else find this frustrating?

Variety is reporting that New Moon will be released on November 20, 2009. Call me crazy, but saying it is "confirmed" is ridiculous at this point. When the first second of film hasn't been shot and they haven't even casted the new roles and the new director has been on the job for all of two days? Sounds like putting the cart before the horse to me. And just makes me worry that much more that Summit isn't truly concerned with the quality of this film, just how quickly they can get it in the theater.

And in other really upsetting news, which I first learned about from Lauren, it seems all but certain that Taylor is going to be replaced as Jacob.

And it appears that this guy is the current front runner. You can read the MTV article here. This is Michael Copone, who, you find out by checking his imdb, was once the blue power ranger! Jacob is SO not a power ranger!

How do I feel about this? I've officially joined Team Pouting. Taylor completely won me over with his enthusiasm and the nasty screen chemistry he had with Rob. I mean, yes, Jacob is supposed to grow substantially and look 26 by Eclipse, but Bella was supposed to cook for Charlie every night and the "meadow" scene was supposed to actually take place in a meadow. And do not even get me started on what Edward and Bella's first kiss was really like! There has already been artistic license involved in making these books come alive, why not give Taylor a shot to see what he can do. A shot at what he was brought on to do. Okay, that's my rant for the moment. I haven't had much time to read today so I'm sure I'll have other issues tomorrow.

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