Saturday, December 13, 2008

Eyes of Amber

This is my new blog devoted to all things Twilight. I chose Eyes of Amber for the name because, well first of all, my name is Amber, but it's also the color of Edward's eyes when he is well fed. I thought it was a nice fit for a Twilight blog.

I was originally an Edward girl, but the more times I read the books and see the movies, I still love Edward dearly, but I have to say I've become more of a Cullen girl, finding so much to love about all members of the family. I'm on my fourth reading of Twilight, I've read New Moon and Eclipse three times and I'm also reading Breaking Dawn for the third time. I've seen the movie three times. All of this since having been introduced to the series only 13 months ago, and I even had a baby during that time!

I will be doing a lot of opinion pieces and general gushing I'm sure, but I'll also be posting updates on the series, the movies, and anything else Twilight related. My inspiration for this blog came from Lauren's Bite, a totally awesome Twilight blog. Be sure to check it out.

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